Willingness and hard work bring solvency in Julekha’s life

JolekhaBegum (30) lives with her husband along with four children at Pirozpurvillage of Faridpur district. Her family comprises of 06 members and has four children. Her husband is a grower and the only bread earner of the family.Jolekha’s elder son is handicapped; he cannot walk on his own. Other family members considered him as a burden.Along with family crisis,unbearable poverty makes their life miserable. They were about to hand to mouth situation where children’s education seemed to be a luxurious item for them.Economic hardship forcedJulekha to stop her children’s study.Alternative income source came to a crying need for them. To overcome the penniless situation, Julekha wanted to do some home based income generating activities like cow/goat rearing but for kick-off the project sheneeded somemoney badly.

Julekha tried hard and soul for getting loan from others but nobody extended their supportive hand. At that time she came to know about the microfinance program of RISDA-Bangladesh which was operated in Shodorpur branch. Understanding the terms and conditions, she decided to borrow money from RISDA. Accordingly at first she lent Tk10,000 in 2011 and purchased one cow and goat. After one year rearing, she sold those cattle with profit and purchased two more cows at Tk 25,000.Lastlyshe lentTk 34,000 from RISDA and put up a cattle-farm at home. Now Julekha has seven cows and five goatsalong with poultry farm at home. She sells 10-15 kg cow-milk daily.They purchase land at Tk 5 lac for cultivation. Landless title is now abolished from their life.

Julekha is able to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Sheenrolled her cripple son to special school and younger son to primary school. Their life status has improved drastically. They became aware of the water, sanitation and health related problems. Previously the toilet condition was very dirty and unhygienic but now they came to about healthy living from RISDA staffs. They now clean their toilet and surroundings by terns. They also facilitated the place providing hand washing device, water, sandals and detergent powder mixed with water for hand washing. They are now keeping their surroundings tidy.

“I will never forget the day when joy in the form of tears was falling from the rim of my eyes,” Julekha speaks with gratitude and satisfaction. She thanks RISDA to be with her and makes her life meaningful.
Now days many people from her village are wanted to become independent and solvent like her through microfinance program of RISDA-Bangladesh.