Sewing machine brings solvency in Borna’s life

BornaAkter (18) lives with her parents along with two brothers and one sister at Tugoldia village under Salthathana in Faridpur division. Her father, Hemate Ali used to work as an electrician in that area. His income was good enough to maintain the family. At that time Borna and her siblings went to school and led a very happy life. But one incident changed their life completely. One day his father came to house with severe pain and inflammation in his eyes. Later Borna’s father was treated by various doctors and local quacks. But his condition remained the same and gradually he lost his eyesight completely. Within a few days, all the happiness of Borna’s family was shattered into pieces. At that time Borna was read in class 10.Suddenly their financial condition was broken down as her father was the only earning member of the family. They had to struggle a lot to maintain their family. Borna and her siblings dropped out from school due to financial problem.They were surviving in their respective families fighting against poverty, hunger, cruelty and domestic violence. LastlyBorna decided to do some income generating activities to bring solvency in their life.

In the meantime RISDA-Bangladesh has started Skill development program at Usufdia village of Faridpur district with the financial assistance of Bangladesh NGO Foundation where they provide different training program specially tailoring to disadvantaged women.Borna came to know about the program from one of the staff of RISDA named MasumaAkterMituand interested to getenrolled in tailoring program. After enrollment she received training on sewing, cutting and other basic process of cloth making.After successful completion of the program, Borna received sewing machine from RISDA which helped her to start a new life. Nowadays, Borna becomes very popular in her area for her excellent sewing work. She receives huge work order form her neighborhood. Her monthly income reaches to Tk5000-6000. Borna’s life has changed dramatically. She bears all educational cost of her younger brother and also the medical cost of her father.They are economically solvent now and got rid of the vicious eye of the lenders. Borna says

“Now our condition has improved. We are planning to live in a bigger and better house and my future plan is to have a tailoring shop of my own. I give thanks to RISDA-Bangladesh, from the core of my heart and wish them to continue their task so that girls like me could get help and become economically solvent.”