COVID-19 Respons

Health Program:

The program started since 1998 in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The objective of the program is to provide training for the rural /village doctors, raising public awareness about personal health, hygiene, family planning, food & nutrition and supporting Primary Health Care as well.

Our Approach

RISDA-Bangladesh has continued different activities since the inception of COVID-19 along with other activities as part of its social responsibility.

We are providing the following assistance to the people:

  • Arranging public awareness program regarding COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Organizing different volunteer groups and train them to assist helpless people.
  • Organizing special training programs on COVID-19 for village doctors.
  • Free masks and hand sanitizers have been distributed among the people during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Supplying Oxygen cylinder to the COVID-19 affected patients.
  • Supplying medicines & food items to the COVID-19 affected patients.
  • Arranging ambulance service.
  • Food has been distributed among day laborers and helpless people.
  • Disinfectant has been sprayed for cleanliness.
  • Managing primary health care.
  • Assisting people for COVID-19 test.

Our Achievements up to March 2021

  • 1200+ Volunteer training
  • 5000+ Musk distribution
  • 1000+ Hand sanitizer distribution
  • 5000+ Food distribution among the helpless people.
  • 500+ P.P.E distribution.
  • 10 + Areas spraying disinfectant for cleanliness.
  • 5000+ Telemedicine service & Primary health care.
  • 10000 + Public awareness