Renewable Energy Program

The program started its activities since 2006. The objective of the program is to create access to renewable and green energy to underprivileged rural people.

Our Approach

To ensure access to affordable and modern energy services and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, RISDA has implemented Solar Home System, Solar irrigation, solar mini-grid projects. RISDA has installed Bio-gas plant at household levels by using cow dung as an organic input to generate gas for cooking. It also supplied Improved Cook Stove (ICS) at household level for better environment. Bio-gas plant and ICS helps to decrease the use of conventional fuel sources, reduce air borne diseases that causing in house smoke and also lessen the emission of CO2 gas which help to make our environment clean.

Our Impact

Our Achievements up to June 2019

  • 165000+ Solar Home System Installed
  • 1302+ Solar AC System Installed
  • 2365+ Solar DC System Installed
  • 16+ Solar Water Pump Installed
  • 553+ Biogas Plan Constructed
  • 12380+ Improved Cook Stove Supplied

Way Forward

We will expand our activities in new areas and continue to adapt our models to the context of the project areas. Keeping in mind our mission and future goals we have to stride for our next steps and identify our future strategies. We are aware of our limitations, yet we are determined to explore our potentials. We look forward with hope and passion to accomplish our tasks ahead based on our learning and experience.

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